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About us

The Grain of Good Health

Good food and good health go hand-in-hand. Pari agro basmati rice has a delicate taste, delicious aroma, and all the goodness of natural fiber.

About Us

The finest basmati rice in the world.

Pari Agro brand has a wide range of rice categories and is also the largest manufacturing rice brand in India. Our Rice is 100% natural, contains no preservatives, and is rich in fiber. It gives you the richness of authentic Indian flavour at the comfort of your home. Now we have sellers in all cities in India. If we talk about Basmati rice we provide best in quality, quantity, and also in price. Pari Agro Basmati rice is unpolished and is also healthy to eat. Enjoy your favorite Biryani, Pulao, and other great dishes with the Pari rice. 

Why Kitchen King?

Pari agro Basmati Rice is a popular choice for every meal. It offers good quality and value-for-money. This aromatic rice is perfect for all kinds of Indian dishes.

Our Happy Clients

Pari agro carries forward the rich legacy of delivering only the most authentic Indian taste to your dinner table. To be the most preferred and trusted food company, where we consistently deliver the aroma of happiness, to both our customers and consumers.

This is the best quality basmati it is delivered to your door! Excellent. I have used this brand for years and no longer drive to the Middle-Eastern markets but let Amazon come to me. Same price but easier.

I have been on a mission to find the BEST basmati rice. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying all the brands. I have tried Tilda, Zafarani Reserve, Royal, Zebra, and all the supermarket brands. Pari is without a doubt the best. The grains are fluffy and do not stick together, the grains are long, the aroma is great. This is the rice you have been looking for. Buy it!

Since I found this brand a few years ago I buy nothing else! If you have ever been disappointed in how your rice comes out -- the problem is not in your cooking method, it is in the rice itself. You need better rice. This rice is outstanding.

    Why Kitchen King?

    We are the trusted brand in Basmati rice, providing high-quality rice with a great taste and aroma that complements every meal.

    Why Kitchen King?

    Choose perfect basmati rice to make the perfect delicious food on your plate. yours taste is your happiness

    Why Kitchen King?

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